Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Obligatory Post on the 19th: December

I had been anticipating writing this entry just because it gives me an excuse to think about the weekend I just had!
First of all, upon seeing me again, many of my comrades complimented my outfit by saying, "You look so French!" Needless to say, I was super satisfied with it; I wish I could dress that way everyday, but my wardrobe won't allow for it and neither will my commute to school (on bike, forcing me to wear jeans and flats every day... yikes). This was the first time I wore my red beret out in public here in France, and that vintage cape too. I have actually owned it since 8th grade but never got around to wearing it until this weekend. It really paid off.
Also, I bought that purse at Parthenay's Wednesday flea market.
District 1510's sister district is District 1650, the Bretagne region of France. Our Rotary weekend on December 15 and 16 was to the capital of the region, a city called Rennes. We met up with the District 1650 Rotary Exchange Students there.

Exchange students of 1510 and 1650
On Saturday after lunch, we went to the ice skating rink. When I learned that we would be doing that this weekend, I groaned; I avoided ice skating whenever I was invited to do it because, quite frankly, I suck at it and consequently possessed a hatred for it. However, after getting over the initial fear of slipping and falling, I was able to gain more confidence, enough to skate in tandem with my friends. The company definitely made it more fun than I expected, and I ended up really enjoying myself to the point that yes, I would do it again!

Aarohi from India, one of my best inbound friends!
Betty and I at the rink
After the ice skating rink, we got about two hours of free time to roam the city. There was a Christmas market where I bought a pretty pocket watch that went splendidly with my outfit. In the future, when people  ask where I got it, I will just nonchalantly reply, "Oh, a Christmas market in France."

This elegant little trinket also goes well with my house
Like the big cities here in France are, Rennes was absolutely gorgeous! Check out these photos that I took during my promenade with friends. 

From left to right: Andy from USA (my fellow Asian-American), Vivi from Brazil, Corrine from the Philippines,  Sanjhiv from India, Aarohi from India, me, Maya from USA, Betty, and Shivani from India
Marché de Noël
Streets of Rennes
The city at dusk getting ready to light up!
Rennes by night
Vivi, Betty, Joey from Canada, Maya, Brooke, me, and Aarohi. You only live once!
No outing with friends is complete without going to a café! Here I am with Aarohi, Andy, Vivi, and Corrine.
Later that night, the kids of District 1510 put on a show for the kids of District 1650. While it wasn't as big of a deal as the 2-hour talent show of 5100's District Conference, we put an effort into it nonetheless. I was in two acts. In one, I sang a song in Tagalog called Pag-Ibig, with Corrine and played the ukulele. In the other, I sang a duet with Joe the Australian, me on the ukulele and him on the guitar. The song was called, "What are you doing New Year's Eve?" 
We wore Philippine clothing too!
I am really a fan of our French stereotype outfits.
Then on Sunday, we had a lot of free time to hang out with each other and take pictures. We left shortly after lunch. I had been waiting for that weekend for two months, and there it was, gone in a flash. It almost felt like a dream. But I have all these wonderful pictures as well as memories to laugh about with my fellow exchange students (who I already miss a lot). Even though the next weekend (end of March in PARIS) is very far away, it'll be here so soon it will seem like I didn't have to wait.
For now, Merry Christmas to all, and may you have a glorious New Year! 

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